A long-standing Chico classic

Duffy’s Tavern, Chico

There’s a saying in Chico - that once you’re done with the college bar scene, you’ll eventually end up at Duffy’s Tavern.  This is a place for the regulars as well as the casuals that would rather spend time in good company than hang out at the typical sports bar drinking until their brains turn to mush.  The bartenders here are almost legendary in the Chico drinking scene and though Duffy’s is usually quite crowded, you can be assured that the crowds are pleasant.  And if you’re looking for something entertaining, this bar has plenty of live shows going on throughout the week, from punk bands to Irish folk ensembles.  If you’re in Chico, don’t miss a night out exploring this classic pub.  Has anyone been to Duffy’s before?  Did you see any good shows while there?


Photo courtesy of yelp.com