Make the journey to this world famous base camp

Everest Base Camp Hike, Nepal

Mount Everest is one of the most famous and daunting climbs in the entire world, but you don’t need to go all the way to the top to enjoy this amazing and beautiful region in Nepal.  Many companies provide guided tours to Everest’s Base Camp, offering you and you loved one an opportunity to see some of Nepal’s scenery with a lot less effort.  It’s not all easy, however, since the trek there is typically a two-week event at the least.  And once you get there you can choose to go a littler further and extend your hike to the top of the other nearby mountains.  If you want adventure in the remote corners of Nepal, this is a great destination.  Has anyone been to the Himalayas before?  What part did you explore/?


Photo courtesy of Tom Simcock via Wikicommons