A long-standing staple of the Chico drinking scene

Madison Bear Garden, Chico

Going on forty years of being in business, Madison Bear Garden (or “The Bear” as it’s known to the locals) is a great place to go anytime of the week.  Whether you’re looking to have an afternoon pint, want to chow down on some of their delicious hamburgers or have a desire to stay out all night long drinking and dancing, The Bear has what you need.  Being as how it’s Chico, expect a mostly college-aged crowd during the busy nights, but you’ll find a different regular set during the off hours.  And with all sorts of crazy and interesting events going on, from DJs to go-cart racing, it’s hard not to be entertained at this classic Chico pub.  Has anyone been to The Bear before?  What are your favorite nights to go?


Photo courtesy of kenrockwell.com