Where to have a soak in California

The best California hot springs

Visiting a hot spring is a great way to relax, and affordable, too. California has some of the best hot springs in the country. Here are our top three picks for the best hot springs in California.

Drakesbad Guest Ranch

Located at Mt. Lassen National Park, Drakesbad Guest Ranch has beautiful facilities, a rustic dining facility, and a hot springs fed swimming pool which is open in the summer.

Wilbur Hot Springs

This rustic resort is built on 1,800 acres of pristine northern California wilderness, and boasts mineral springs which have been used for relaxation and healing for hundreds of years. Clothing is optional in the baths and saunas, but mandatory elsewhere.

Vichy Hot Springs

This is one of the few hot springs in the world where the water is naturally carbonated. Vichy Springs Resort is a luxurious, 160-year old historic spread located on a 700-acre private reserve. Swimsuits are required.

Image courtesy Flickr/Daniel Peckham