Crystal Pier Hotel, San Diego
For a relaxing and romantic getaway on the beach

For the unique chance to spend a few nights or more sleeping above the ocean, take a trip down to San Diego and try out the Crystal Pier Hotel.  This hotel is, as the name implies, built upon a pier, jutting out over the ocean.  Step from your room and immediately take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.  Or walk a short... Read More

Humboldt Brews, Arcata
For a fun night out with food, brews and live music

If you happen to be in the Arcata area and are looking for someplace that offers up great food, good beer and a selection of some excellent live entertainment, stop by Humboldt Brews and give it a try.  Don’t expect to see second-rate bands playing here, however, as this venue is one of the top stop-off points for some great acts as they make their... Read More

The Grill at Meadowood, St. Helena
For some amazing and unique cuisine

The Grill at Meadowood is a wonderful restaurant located within the NapaValley at the Meadowood, a beautiful hotel and spa.  Of course, you don’t need to stay a night here to enjoy the food that they serve.  The kitchen is led by an award-winning chef that takes pride in putting... Read More

Windrose Romantic Cottages, Windsor
For a wonderful couple’s weekend in wine country

With a name like Windrose Romantic Cottages, you would certainly expect this accommodation to be perfect for couples, and located within the Northern California wine country, it could be no less.  The cottages are within easy distance of many wonderful sites, so if you want to head out and see the redwoods or travel into... Read More

Neighborhood, San Diego
For good beer and a charming atmosphere

If you’re looking for a place to have a few drinks that has a bit of charm to it, stop by and check out Neighborhood.  True to its name, this pub is a relaxed place where people can come to unwind after a long day, sipping on a wide selection of amazing local craft beers and enjoying some simple yet delicious food.  The ambiance is fun without being... Read More

Emerald Bay State Park
A beautiful retreat in South Lake Tahoe

For couples that happen to be in the South Lake Tahoe area, there are many magnificent places to go hiking and EmeraldBayState Park is certainly among the best of them.  Enjoy the beauty of this forested region as you hike your way along the bay or... Read More

Edible Arrangements, San Diego
For some unique and delicious gifts

With a wide variety of amazing and delicious gifts, Edible Arrangements is one big-named franchise that deserves their rise to fame.  You can order all sorts of great stuff here, from classic boxes of chocolates to unique gift baskets composed of fruits, candies and all sorts of other goodies.  There are locations throughout the San Diego... Read More

The Soule Domain, Kings Beach
For excellent seafood in the Lake Tahoe area

Right at the border of California and Nevada, in the North Lake Tahoe area is a little place called The Soule Domain.  A haven for seafood lovers, this restaurant has a great atmosphere though its popularity with locals and visitors alike means that it is often filled to the brim with people.  But once you... Read More

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
For an amazing day out at the coast

For a nice and easy day out hiking and exporing nature, take a trip to the California coast and enjoy JuliaPfeifferBurnsState Park.  One of the only two places where you can see a waterfall emptying directly into the ocean... Read More

Make Good, San Diego
For a gift of jewelry or something more

If you’re looking to buy that special someone something unique but just can’t decide on what to get, take a trip down to Make Good, a retail spot where you can find everything from jewelry to handmade diaries.  With a dedication to using artists only from the cities of San Diego or Tijuana, the owners of this gift store ensure... Read More