La Spiga Ristorante Italiano, Palm Desert
For some of the best Italian food in the Americas

It’s not often you find a place as skilled at what they do as La Spiga Ristorante Italiano.  Sure, it may cost you quite a bit to eat here, but the overall experience is a memory that will last for years.  If you want a perfect date that will impress that someone special with class and elegance, La Spiga is perfect for that.  Enjoy your... Read More

Raya, Dana Point
A beautiful restaurant with a world-class beach view

Located at the Ritz Carlton Hotel right on the beach, Raya is a wonderful American-styled restaurant that is the very essence of... Read More

Antonello Ristorante, Santa Ana
A perfect place for dinner and a few drinks

With a dedication towards producing the best Italian food in the traditional ways, Antonello Ristorante has gained quite a reputation for being one of Southern California’s best.  In addition to the fine food, one can pick out a bottle of wine from their list of more than 700 options, many of them award-winning labels.  Best of all,... Read More

Melisse, Santa Monica
Brilliant French cuisine with an artistic bent

If you want to impress a date with a meal that is prepared not just to fill the stomach but to act as an entire experience, you must check out Melisse in Santa Monica.  Serving up French cuisine, the chefs and servers make sure that each and every dish that you order is a masterpiece of creative presentation.  The menu changes according to the... Read More

The French Laundry, Yountville
Enjoy a date at this world-renowned restaurant

If you’re looking for an extremely classy place to bring a date, then take a trip to Yountville and eat at The French Laundry.  You’ll be paying top-dollar to dine at this multi-award-winning restaurant, but the end result is worth the cost.  As one of the top-rated restaurants in the entire world, they have quite the reputation to live up to and... Read More

Tony’s Darts Away, Burbank
For the California-only beer and wine experience

Tony’s Darts Away is a modern Southern Californian bar that has a dedication to doing things the green way.  Though they have a great selection of beer and wine, don’t expect to get any of them out of the bottle, as they only pour from the tap.  They use local food to build their tasty pub-grub menu and only serve drinks that come out of California... Read More

Duffy’s Tavern, Chico
A long-standing Chico classic

There’s a saying in Chico - that once you’re done with the college bar scene, you’ll eventually end up at Duffy’s Tavern.  This is a place for the regulars as well as the casuals that would rather spend time in good company than hang out at the typical sports bar drinking until their brains turn to mush.  The bartenders here are almost legendary in the Chico drinking... Read More

Father’s Office, Santa Monica
A place to relax, drink and enjoy some excellent food

Though many may think that Father’s Office is first and foremost a place to get a meal, in reality it’s a pub that just happens to serve up a great selection of good food.  The atmosphere is simple and casual and it’s easy to relax here, whether you’re there for the food or looking to have a few drinks and unwind.  The people and staff are friendly and... Read More

Beer Revolution, Oakland
Hundreds of amazing beers all in one place

If you’re looking for a beer lover’s paradise in the Bay Area, look no further than the heart of Oakland and a cool little bar and bottle shop called Beer Revolution.  With four-dozen rotating beers on tap and a selection of hundreds of others in bottles, you’ll find more than enough to keep you happy.  The atmosphere is one that fits the... Read More

Madison Bear Garden, Chico
A long-standing staple of the Chico drinking scene

Going on forty years of being in business, Madison Bear Garden (or “The Bear” as it’s known to the locals) is a great place to go anytime of the week.  Whether you’re looking to have an afternoon pint, want to chow down on some of their delicious hamburgers or... Read More