O’Brien’s Irish Pub, Santa Monica
One of Santa Monica’s top corner pubs

Located just blocks from the beach, O’Brien’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is a great corner bar that provides the very best in drinks and edibles.  For nearly 20 years, O’Brien’s has been the preferred corner bar for many people in Santa Monica and it’s no wonder.  The bartenders are friendly, the drinks are reasonably priced and their... Read More

Pierce Street Annex, Coast Mesa
Drinks and dancing at this cool dive bar

Though Pierce Street Annex may have become so popular that it branched out and opened franchises across the U.S., it’s still a great place to stop by and enjoy a drink or get your dance on.  The bartenders and customers both are very friendly, so it’s easy for you to make your first appearance at this bar and not... Read More

Stork Club, Oakland
For live music and cheap drinks

Far from being what one might expect of a club, The Stork Club more a dive bar that caters to those that want to see some good live music while they’re out drinking.  They’ve got any number of distractions to keep you busy when the music’s not there, so you can while away the hours playing pool or video games.  Enjoy cheap and strong drinks all... Read More

Woody’s Wharf, Newport Beach
Good food and good company on the waterfront

For nearly 50 years, Woody’s Wharf has graced the waterfront of Newport Beach, giving locals and travelers alike a place where they can get a drink and enjoy some tasty food.  With numerous happy hours and other drinking specials (not to mention some pretty stiff drinks), it’s hard not to walk away from this place with at least a small... Read More

Lost Weekend Lounge
For a wallet-saving night out in Alameda

The Lost Weekend Lounge is a great little dive bar in Alameda that promises a night of cheap drinks and good music.  If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy a few beers without the pretentious air of a proper lounge, check this place out.  With a staff of friendly and skilled bartenders, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling at home at this bar.  Stop by to mingle with the... Read More

Rafting in Bosnia
Explore the amazing wilderness of this country

For a great couple’s getaway, head to Bosnia and explore the wilderness while rafting some of the best rivers in the region.  Sign up for a rafting tour and get a chance to cruise one or more of the country’s four most popular rivers - the Tara, the Vrbas, the Una and the Neretva.  Best of all, this area is still fairly secretive so... Read More

Hike the Kalalau Trail
Explore this hidden piece of Hawaii

If you’re taking a romantic trip to Hawaii but want to get away from the tightly packed tourist areas that seem to occupy the majority of the islands, take a day to journey down the Kalalau Trail on the island of Kauai.  It’s only 11 miles long, so it’s easy to finish the hike... Read More

Explore the Many Caves of Slovenia
Go deep underground in this cave-rich country

Many don’t know it, but the country of Slovenia is a cave-explorers haven.  For couples that enjoy the scenery that only an underground adventure can provide, this is the perfect destination.  With so many cave systems to explore, many of them converted for easy access,... Read More

Everest Base Camp Hike, Nepal
Make the journey to this world famous base camp

Mount Everest is one of the most famous and daunting climbs in the entire world, but you don’t need to go all the way to the top to enjoy this amazing and beautiful region in Nepal.  Many companies provide guided tours to Everest’s Base Camp, offering you... Read More

Safari in Namibia
See the wonders of this amazing African land

Whether you’re just looking to have a short adventure of a week or want to spend some serious time out exploring the wonders of the world, a safari is always a great choice.  The country of Namibia, on the western coast of Africa, presents one of the best opportunities to see not only the beautiful landscape but also some truly unique and exotic... Read More