Indian Springs Resort and Spa, Calistoga
A piece of paradise with a long history

At the northern end of NapaValley lies the Indian Springs Resort and Spa in Calistoga.  This resort has a long tradition of promoting health and relaxation, being open ever since 1862.  Located on 16 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, this is a perfect place for couples to... Read More

Waters Edge, Tiburon
Away from San Francisco, but still just a ferry ride away

For the couple that enjoys a nice, secluded outing within easy traveling distance of the big city, the Waters Edge in Tiburon is just a short ways out of San Francisco.  This water lover’s retreat is small enough to be cozy yet large enough to where you don’t have to worry too much about getting a room.  The attentive... Read More

Bardessono Hotel, Yountville
A place to get away from it all and enjoy the wines of Napa Valley

For those that don’t mind spending an extra bit of cash while on a romantic vacation, there is the amazing Bardessono Hotel.  Located in the wine rich NapaValley, Bardessono offers every luxury that one could hope for.  In addition to providing couples with a romantic wine tasting experience,... Read More

Border Field State Park
Stand on the border between Mexico and the United States with your lover.

While traipsing along the border between the United States and Mexico may seem like a tense, even sad activity, Border Field State Park is actually a beautiful area in which to visit. You can see for miles from the beach, gazing at the endless ocean together to the tune of waterfowl and wading birds. There’s also plenty of things you can do together at the park, from surf fishing to hiking... Read More

Bidwell–Sacramento River State Park
Forget salmon fishing in the Yemen; fish for love close to home at this nature preserve.

Tubing is one of the most relaxing ways to get to know someone over the water. Rent or bring a couple of tubes along on your date and hold hands as you meander along, sharing your stories and ambitions. One of the most famous things that visitors do at this park, however, is fish for salmon—and you can bond over this experience, too. You can also pack a picnic to enjoy in the scenic area or... Read More

Bethany Reservoir State Recreation Area
Let your hair fly in the wind as you windsurf with an interesting new date.

Water is the name of the game when you play at Bethany Reservoir State Recreation Area. Fishing is one of the most popular activities to do at the park, but there’s also lots of windsurfing to be had. When you’re not interested in a sport, however, there’s still plenty of space for having a picnic or simple hand-holding and walking with your date. Never underestimate the power of good... Read More

Big Basin Redwoods State Park
Have a fairytale fantasy date deep in the heart of this giant tree-filled state park.

With over 10,000 acres of old growth redwood forest around you, you can imagine the kinds of fantasies you could fulfill on a date at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. From Little Red Riding Hood to Game of Thrones, you could be anyone, anywhere in these woods with your lover. Play a cute game of tag or create a sexy scavenger hunt for your potential girlfriend or boyfriend to... Read More

Bodie, California
It’s not Hotel California, but it’s just as spooky and should work well for any of your haunted house date needs.

If the only thing you are missing as a new couple is a dramatic ghostly encounter or spooky adventure, meet up at Bodie, California for just that. This ghost town east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is a California Historical Landmark with abandoned buildings, a creepy old church and enough interesting builders to rein in 200,000 visitors every year. California’s official state Gold Rush... Read More

Bolsa Chica State Beach
For the sweetest kisses on a date, you need to catch the sunset at Bolsa Chica Beach.

Remember the scene in Don’t Tell Mom, the Babysitter’s Dead where Christina Applegate’s character gets introduced to the grunions who spawn on the beach by her date? You can recreate this moment at Bolsa Chica State Beach where the grunion turtles actually lay their eggs. Wait until the sun goes down and you might just spot it happening as you cuddle on the beach—and if not, well, you... Read More

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